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For distributed large commercial mirror sites, this paper presents a hybrid information filtering algorithm based on distributed web log mining. Based on multi-agent technology, this algorithm preprocesses the web logs of mirror sites, in which the web page's manual rating is replaced by user browsing preference, and then user access matrix is constructed(More)
Transactions are a necessary part of nearly all business interactions. Transactions exist to ensure that all parts of a particular business operation are properly recorded; if any single part fails, then the transaction as a whole should fail in order to maintain data consistency. In order for businesses to gain full value from a service-oriented approach,(More)
In the actual system the law of changing with time of continuous signal can be completely described by the signal frequency spectrum. Only choose the reasonable sampling frequency and sampling time zone width, signal spectrum can approximate continuous signal actual spectrum. Because of the frequency leakage and spectrum aliasing existence, the analysis(More)
Through the analysis of the vector map files, a new lossless compression algorithm for vector maps is proposed. In the algorithm, lossless transform differentiates the graphical data of vector maps into transformed coefficients, then, making use of the principle of reduction, these transformed coefficients are compressed reversibly. At the same time, BWT(More)
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