Ling-Yun Zhang

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Polymorphisms in Disrupted-in-Schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) and Neuregulin 1 (NRG1) might be associated with schizophrenia; however, the conclusions of relevant studies were inconsistent across different ethnic populations. This population-based case-control study was carried out to determine whether polymorphisms in these two genes could be associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Dyslipidemia is an extremely prevalent but preventable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. However, many dyslipidemia patients remain undetected in resource limited settings. The study was performed to develop and evaluate a simple and effective prediction approach without biochemical parameters to identify those at high risk of dyslipidemia(More)
The interactions of DNA with oxaliplatin (Pt(R,R-DACH)) or its enantiomer (Pt(S,S-DACH)) were investigated using magnetic tweezers and atomic force microscope. In the process of DNA condensation induced by Pt-DACH, only diadducts and micro-loops are formed at low Pt-DACH concentrations, while at high Pt-DACH concentrations, besides the diadducts and(More)
We report observations of in vitro DNA compaction into toroids in the absence of any condensing agent. The DNA toroid formation is induced by geometry confinement from microdroplets on mica surfaces. With AFM imaging we show that the confined DNA molecules may take the form of random coils or semiordered folded loops with large microdroplets, while they(More)
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