Ling-Ying Hou

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In this paper, we present a face recognition method based on the combination of the LoG-Gabor wavelets (GW) and the phase congruency (PC) method. The phase congruency feature images were obtained by applying phase congruency model to these multi-view face images with log-Gabor wavelets filters over 5 scales and 8 orientations, and then the mean and standard(More)
In this paper, we proposed a fuzzy c-means (FCM) cluster based adaptive thresholding segmentation algorithm for color image. The main advantage of this method is that, it does not require a priori knowledge about number of objects in the image. It calculates the threshold values automatically with the help of merging process. The first step of the method is(More)
Human face recognition plays an important role in applications such as video surveillance, human computer interface, and face image database management. This paper presents an improved face recognition method for multi-pose face recognition in color images, which addresses the problems of illumination and pose variation. At first, color multi-pose faces(More)
This paper presents a new global thresholding method based on wavelet fusion of color image sub-bands that we used for image segmentation. At first, a color image has been decomposed three sub-bands that R(red), G(green), B(blue) channel. Second, each sub-bands channel has been decomposed by discrete wavelet transform (DWT) to the same resolution. Third,(More)
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