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Proteins play a vital role in maintaining the balance of bodily functions in all living beings. However their functional properties are difficult to predict since they depend not only on the sequence of constituent amino acids but also on the 3D folding of the protein. This paper presents a new statistical method for extraction of surface atoms of a(More)
Tropomyosin crystals with a new morphology have been obtained from lobster tail muscle tropomyosin from which 11 residues at the carboxyl-terminus have been proteolytically removed to avoid head-to-tail polymerization. In contrast to the conventional Bailey crystal form in which the elongated tropomyosin molecules form a mesh, in the present crystals the(More)
Stereo vision is fast becoming a highly investigated area in the domain of image processing. Depth information may be obtained from stereo or multi-vision images for reconstructing objects in 3D based on 2D information. Robotic applications make use of stereo vision for navigation purposes, locking down targets, as well as simulating human-like behaviour.(More)
The interaction between proteins and their binding agents take place on surfaces and involve factors such as chemical and shape complementarity. It was shown in past studies that protein-protein interactions involve flatter regions whereas protein-ligand bindings are associated with crevices. Many approaches have been implemented which focus on the(More)
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