Ling Teck Chaw

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The demand for end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) is becoming ever more important due to the trend towards converged communication networks. The recently accepted QoS mechanism in WLAN: the IEEE 802.11e has limitations in providing fairness to different types of traffic. We proposed Dynamic Weighted Fair Scheduling(More)
In recent years, Grid computing has emerged as an evolution from the existing distributed computing systems for delivering information, resources and services to users. This new computational infrastructure offers a remarkable increase in the number of available computation capabilities that can be delivered to applications. Grid computing is increasingly(More)
In this paper, an intra-domain, multi-area Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning mechanism, namely the QoS-HBB architecture is proposed to alleviate the scalability problem in the intra-domain bandwidth broker design. By exploiting the inherent hierarchical nature of OSPF and the fact that an OSPF domain can be subdivided into multiple areas, QoS-HBB(More)
As web service has become the emerging paradigm, the area of web service research has received a lot of attention in recent years. Most of the web services are deployed by site administrators. As the number of request of web services increase tremendously, there is a need to replicate the services to multiple resources. Although manual deployment allow the(More)
The numerical solution of a computationally intensive model becomes more complex in terms of execution time required by a single processor. To speedup the computation, a suitable parallel computing architecture is required. This paper attempts to achieve a fast finite difference solution of electric potential in an EHD ion-drag micropump. A 2D Poisson's(More)
The primary issue with anycast routing protocol is the tradeoff between performance and reliability. An anycast routing protocol that can provide shorter end-to-end delay does not always has lower packet loss, and vice versa. This paper focuses on achieving short end-to-end delay and low packet loss, and proposes an enhancement to the anycast routing(More)
A data warehouse is an electronic storage of huge amounts of data. It is also a system for retrieving and managing a data. In distributed data warehouse, data can be shared across multiple data repositories. Each may belong to one or more organizations. Query sorting is the problem of formatting the number of queries to be selected together. Reducing the(More)
Discrete Event Simulation (DES) is a popular technique use in network simulation tools. Some of the popular queuing methods in DES are linked list, heap, splay tree and calendar based queue. Due to the design characteristic of discrete events and single sequential queue in DES, these queuing methods are unable to fully utilize the computing power of(More)
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