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In this paper, we propose a new active queue management algorithm, called Average Rate Early Detection (ARED). An ARED gateway measures/uses the average packet enqueue rate as a congestion indicator, and judiciously signals end hosts of incipient congestion, with the objective of reducing packet loss ratio and improving link utilization. We show (via(More)
Driven by the proliferation of implantable and self-powered electronic devices, low-voltage, low-power, high-efficiency DC-DC power converters are on high demands. This paper first reviews the state-of-the-arts charge pumps, with focus on power loss minimization, power stage architectures and control signaling. A new four-phase complimentary charge pump is(More)
The recent availability of human mobility traces has driven a new wave of research on human movement with straightforward applications in wireless/cellular network. In this paper we revisit the human mobility problem with new assumptions. We believe that human movement is not independent of the surrounding locations, <i>i.e.</i> the points of interest that(More)
According to the classical communication theories, known as Gate keeping and Selective Exposure, individuals tend to have selective behavior when they disseminate and receive information based on their psychological preferences. Selective behavior related to these two theories have been broadly studied separately. While, thanks to the advent of Online(More)
A novel method to calculate fuel-electric conversion factor for full hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) equipped with continuously variable transmission (CVT) is proposed. Based on consideration of the efficiency of pivotal components, electric motor, system efficiency optimization models are developed. According to the target of instantaneous optimization of(More)
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