Ling-Shu Tseng

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Aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase (AHH) and microsomal cytochromes were measured in tissues of human features aborted by prostaglandins. Cytochrome P-450 concentrations and AHH activity were about 4 times higher in adrenal glands than in liver. AHH was present in testes, ovaries, and vagina and uterus at levels equal to or greater than those in the liver. In(More)
Heatstroke is characterized by excessive hyperthermia associated with systemic inflammatory responses, which leads to multiple organ failure, in which brain disorders predominate. This definition can be almost fulfilled by a mouse model of heatstroke used in the present study. Unanesthetized mice were exposed to whole body heating (41.2°C for 1 hour) and(More)
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