Ling-Shao Chang

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The spectroscopic and electrochemical characterizations of electrochemically stable biferrocene-modified Au clusters and chemisorbed biferrocenylalkanethiols on Au(111) surface were studied. The characterizations of biferrocene-modified Au cluster using TEM, UV-vis, and NMR techniques are also reported. Two successive reversible one-electron redox waves(More)
Gold nanorods (GNRs) were encapsulated and dispersed into organic solvents by tetrabenzylthiol resorcinarene (TBTR) and by a poly(dithiocarbamate) derived from tetra- N-methyl(aminomethyl)resorcinarene (TMAR-DTC), formed by the in situ condensation of TMAR with carbon disulfide. The latter proved to be highly effective at enabling the redispersion of GNRs(More)
Spectroscopic and electrochemical characterizations of ferrocene- and biferrocene-functionalized terpyridine octanethiolate monolayer-protected clusters were investigated and reported. The electrochemical measurements of Ru2+ coordinated with 4'-ferrocenyl-2,2':6',2' '-terpyridine and 4'-biferrocenyl-2,2':6',2' '-terpyridine complexes were dominated by the(More)
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