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In order to support the maximum number of user and elastic service with the minimum resource, the Internet service provider invented the cloud computing. within a few years, emerging cloud computing has became the hottest technology. From the publication of core papers by Google since 2003 to the commercialization of Amazon EC2 in 2006, and to the service(More)
Ezh2 is a histone trimethyltransferase that silences genes mainly via catalyzing trimethylation of histone 3 lysine 27 (H3K27Me3). The role of Ezh2 as a regulator of gene silencing and cell proliferation in cancer development has been extensively investigated; however, its function in heart development during embryonic cardiogenesis has not been well(More)
China Mobile is the biggest telecommunication operator in the world, with more than 600 million customers and an ever increasing information technology (IT). To provide better service to 600 million customers and reduce the cost of IT systems, China Mobile adopted a centralized IT strategy based on cloud computing. The big data issue becomes the most(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examines the association between cultural orientation and drinking behaviors among university students. Cultural orientation is the measure of how the cultural values of individuals living in their own society are influenced by cultural values introduced from the outside. METHODS In 2011, a cross-sectional survey collected data from(More)
Cloud computing is basically internet based computing while software, information and shared resources are provided to devices and computers on demand, like electricity grid. With the fusion of network technology and traditional computing technology such as distributed computing parallel computing, grid computing a cloud computing product is formed. Task(More)
Aim: This paper describes Chinese university students' understanding of the meaning of the alcohol-related flushing response and how they reacted to their own and someone else's flushing in a group drinking situation. Method: The researcher surveyed 530 Chinese university students about their understanding of flushing and their perception of how people(More)
Background: An estimated 25 % of the alcohol consumed in China is traditional unrecorded alcohol produced and distributed informally. Consequently there is concern about its safety and its contribution to public health risk. Little has been written about this type of alcohol in China. Methods: Researchers observed the manufacture of traditional bai jiu in a(More)