Ling Ping Zhu

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Using distinct models of apoptosis and necrosis, we have investigated the effect of mitochondrial Ca(2+)(Ca(m)) homeostasis in the regulation of cell death in neuroblastoma cells as well as cardiac myocytes. The steady state level of Ca(m)was determined as the FCCP-releasable Ca(2+). Culturing cells with low concentration of extracellular Ca(2+)(Ca(o)) or(More)
Suppression of alpha-mannosidases by chemicals has been shown to reduce the potentiality of growth and metastasis of various tumors. In our study, the effect of 6A8 alpha-mannosidase (MAN 6A8), recently discovered in our laboratory, on malignant behaviors of tumor cells was examined. Since the suppressive effect of chemicals on alpha-mannosidase is not(More)
The immune function of B lymphocytes from 12 patients with nonneoplastic immune-mediated diseases receiving chronic low-dose (2 mg/kg per d) cyclophosphamide (CY) was evaluated. There was a selective and differential suppressive effect of CY therapy on the various stages of the B cell cycle including activation, proliferation, and differentiation. The(More)
The relationship between the appearance of cells producing antibody to tetanus toxoid (TT) in the circulation and the serum titers of anti-TT IgG following booster immunization has been studied. It was found that cells producing anti-TT antibody can be detected in the circulation in a hemolytic plaque assay using sheep red blood cells (SRBC) coated with TT(More)
The LuFeO 3 thin films were successfully prepared by pulsed laser deposition on silicon and LaNiO 3-coated silicon substrates, respectively. The crystalline structure of the films has been studied by x-ray diffraction and indicated that all the films were well-crystallized. Atomic force microscope was used to characterize the surface morphology of the films(More)
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