Ling-Ling Wu

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1. Theoretical framework In developing a theory of knowledge, a fundamental decision must be made about the nature of representation: Should representations be modal or amodal? We address this important distinction briefly and then summarize several lines of research that bear on it empirically. Across the cognitive sciences, standard theories of knowledge(More)
It certainly appears that there should be a relationship between concepts and meaning, but it is not entirely clear what this relation is. We shall assume that concepts are people's psychological representations of categories (e.g., apple, chair); whereas meanings are people's understandings of words and other linguistic expressions (e.g., "apple", "large(More)
Iron deficiency in early development has been associated with irreversible alterations in brain myelination, but whether these neural changes are mirrored in altered behaviors in rats is not known. The goals were to determine if dietary induced gestational and lactational iron deficiency alters brain myelination and behaviors dependent on that system.(More)
Advances in information technology facilitate extensive collection and analysis of personal information for the purpose of strategic use by websites or companies. However, the typical reluctance of web users in sharing personal information significantly reduces such opportunity enabled by information technology. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to(More)
PURPOSE To find the optic disc features of asymmetric primary open-angle glaucoma. METHODS In this observational case-control study, 52 consecutive open-angle glaucoma patients with unilateral visual field defects participated. In each patient, an optic disc analysis using Heidelberg Retina Tomography III (HRT-III) was performed. Optic disc parameters of(More)