Ling Ling Chua

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The LGI2 (leucine-rich, glioma inactivated 2) gene, a prime candidate for partial epilepsy with pericentral spikes, belongs to a family encoding secreted, beta-propeller domain proteins with EPTP/EAR epilepsy-associated repeats. In another family member, LGI1 (leucine-rich, glioma inactivated 1) mutations are responsible for autosomal dominant lateral(More)
Partial epilepsy with pericentral spikes (PEPS) is a familial epilepsy with disease locus mapped to human chromosome region 4p15; yet, the causative gene is unknown. In this work, arguments based on protein sequence analysis and patient-specific chromosomal deletions are provided for LGI2 as the prime candidate gene for PEPS among the 52 genes known at the(More)
Over the past seven years of its life, our Journal has been supported by a large number of colleagues who contributed with their time and expertise to assess the quality of the submissions to JAISE and helped decide which papers qualify to be published. These reviewers are an important group of the JAISE community and we would like to explicitly thank all(More)
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