Ling-Ling Cao

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Chilling tolerance was increased in seed germination and root growth of wheat seedlings grown in media containing 20 µg/mL cerebroside C (CC), isolated from the endophytic Phyllosticta sp. TG78. Seeds treated with 20 µg/mL CC at 4 °C expressed the higher germination rate (77.78%), potential (23.46%), index (3.44) and the shorter germination time (6.19 d);(More)
This paper investigates the performance of parallel relay-assisted transmission for free-space optical (FSO) communication systems over strong turbulence channel. The analysis is carried out for systems employing decode-and-forward (DF) relays and for strong turbulence channel which can be modeled by the Gamma-Gamma distribution. Take atmospheric(More)
Reliability analysis is an important issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This paper aims to study the reliability of a data flow in event-driven wireless sensor networks with multiple sending transmission approach without acknowledgments. Initially, an event-driven wireless sensor network model is described in terms of limited node battery energy and(More)
A series of benzimidazole phenylhydrazone derivatives (6a-6ai) were synthesized and characterized by ¹H-NMR, ESI-MS, and elemental analysis. The structure of 6b was further confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction as (E)-configuration. All the compounds were screened for antifungal activity against Rhizoctonia solani and Magnaporthe oryzae employing a(More)
Phytopathogenic fungi such as Rhizoctonia solani and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum caused multiple plant diseases resulting in severe loss of crop production. Increasing documents endorsed that endophytes are a striking resource pool for numerous metabolites with various bioactivities such as anti-fungal. Here we reported the characterization and(More)
A series of new 1,2,3-triazole derivatives have been prepared and screened for their antifungal activity against phytopathogenic fungi using the mycelium growth inhibition method in vitro. The results indicated that the 1,2,3-triazole hydrazide scaffold displayed significant antifungal activity. Compound 6ad exhibited the most potent anti-phytopathogenic(More)
OBJECTIVE To screen the differentially expressed miRNAs and their target genes in adipogenic differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) to better understand the mechanism for regulating the balance between osteoblast and adipocyte differentiation. METHODS Cultured hMSCs were induced for adipogenic differentiation, and at 0, 7, 14,(More)
Screening for endophytic fungi with antifungal activity is an effective strategy for the discovery of novel biopesticides. Our previous work indicated that Chaetomium globosum CDW7, an endophyte from Ginkgo biloba, exhibited strong inhibitory activity against plant pathogenic fungi in vitro. In this study, we evaluated the CDW7 strain for its antifungal(More)
A series of benzofurazan derivatives were prepared and evaluated for their biological activities against four important phytopathogenic fungi, namely, Rhizoctonia solani, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Fusarium graminearum and Phytophthora capsici, using the mycelium growth inhibition method. The structures of these compounds were characterized by (1)H NMR,(More)
This paper investigates BER performance of free-space optical (FSO) communication over strong turbulence channel together with pointing errors effects. Take atmospheric attenuation, atmospheric turbulence and pointing errors into account, a statistical model for the optical intensity fluctuation at the receiver is described. For given weather and(More)