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Dirigent Proteins from Cotton (Gossypium sp.) for the Atropselective Synthesis of Gossypol.
The identification of GhDIR4 highlights a broader role for DIRs in plant secondary metabolism and may eventually lead to the development of DIR's as tools for the synthesis of axially chiral binaphthyls.
Design, synthesis, and biological activities of aromatic gossypol Schiff base derivatives.
O-trifluoromethylaniline Schiff base (19) exhibited an eminent anti-TMV effect in the field and low toxicity to mice, suggesting it is a promising candidate for the inhibitor of plant virus.
A Novel Sodium Nitrite-Catalyzed Oxidative Coupling for Constructing Polymethoxyphenanthrene Rings
An efficient and green oxidative coupling for the direct construction of polymethoxyphenanthrene rings has been developed, which uses environment-friendly sodium nitrite as catalyst and oxygen as
Regioselective Oxidative Dehydrogenation under Nonenzymatic Conditions: A Synthetic Route to Gossypol
TBuO2Ac was found to be a highly efficient oxidant for the polymerization of hemigossypol through a biosynthetic process under nonenzymatic conditions to give gossypoli.
Merging Photoredox with Brønsted Acid Catalysis: The Cross-Dehydrogenative C-O Coupling for sp3 C-H Bond Peroxidation.
A photoredox and Brønsted acid synergistically catalyzed cross-dehydrogenative C-O coupling reaction is developed in which isochroman peroxyacetals are formed through sp3 C-H bond peroxidation. The
Discovery of Glycosylated Genipin Derivatives as Novel Antiviral, Insecticidal, and Fungicidal Agents.
A series of novelgenipin glycoside derivatives incorporating 11 glycosidic moieties at either the 1 or 10 position of genipin exhibited moderate to excellent inhibitory activities against tobacco mosaic virus and displayed fungicidal activities against 14 kinds of phytopathogenic fungi.
Antiviral mechanism study of gossypol and its Schiff base derivatives based on reactive oxygen species (ROS)
Fundamental support is provided for the development of gossypol alkaloids as potential inhibitors of plant viruses by revealing that both the carboxy group and R group in amino acids are important to their anti-TMV activities.
First total synthesis of (-)- and (+)-6-O-desmethylantofine.
The first total synthesis of (-)- 6-O-desmethylantofine and its unnatural enantiomer (+)-6- O-des methylant ofine is described, efficient and practical with easily available glutamic acid dimethyl ester hydrochloride as the chiral material under mild conditions.
Synthesis and Anti-Tobacco Mosaic Virus/Fungicidal/Insecticidal/Antitumor Bioactivities of Natural Product Hemigossypol and Its Derivatives.
Hemigossypol acid lactone was stable in the air and exhibited higher insecticidal activity against mosquito larvae than the commercial species rotenone and none of hemigossymol and the tested derivatives showed antitumor activities.