Ling-Jyun Huang

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The bacteriophage lambda P and Escherichia coli DnaC proteins are known to recruit the bacterial DnaB replicative helicase to initiator complexes assembled at the phage and bacterial origins, respectively. These specialized nucleoprotein assemblies facilitate the transfer of one or more molecules of DnaB helicase onto the chromosome; the transferred DnaB,(More)
Although the human genome project has been completed for some time, the issue of the number of transcribed genes with identifiable biological functions remains unresolved. We used zebrafish as a model organism to study the functions of Ka/Ks-predicted novel human exons, which were identified from a comparative evolutionary genomics analysis.In this study, a(More)
The cI repressor of bacteriophage 434, known as 434 repressor, binds to 14-bp operator sequences by means of a helix-turn-helix motif. To probe the requirements for selective DNA recognition by this class of DNA binding proteins, as well as to generate new proteins with altered specificities, a library of approximately 3 x 10(6) mutants was generated that(More)
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