Ling-Hsiu Chen

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To consider how Web-based learning program is utilized by learners with different cognitive styles, this study presents a Web-based learning system (WBLS) and analyzes learners’ browsing data recorded in the log file to identify how learners’ cognitive styles and learning behavior are related. In order to develop an adapted WBLS, this study also proposes a(More)
Although conventional student assessments are extremely convenient for calculating student scores, they do not conceptualize how students organize their knowledge. Therefore, teachers and students rarely understand how to improve their future learning progress. The limitations of conventional testing methods indicate the importance of accurately assessing(More)
This study examines relationships between achievement motivation and job characteristics on job satisfaction among IS personnel. The analytical results reveal that the dimensions of the achievement motivation of IS personnel are perseverance, competition and difficulty control. Regarding job characteristics, the job characteristics of IS personnel are task(More)
Online auctions are a new trading model that integrates auction mechanisms and the Internet. However, during the interaction between buyers and sellers, service failures inevitably occur. When service failures occur, selecting an effective service recovery strategy to correct the failure is an important issue. In this study, 867 failure incidents from(More)
Recent advances in network technology are an important form of IT-enabled learning and learning support for on line education. More and more learners obtain knowledge via the Web-learning Instruction (WBI). At present, most of the studies in the on line education are focus on the technological aspect (e.g. Personalizational technology development), while,(More)
As recent development in Web-based learning system is not only a tide, but also a trend. To reduce the problem of disorientation and cognitive overload while learning with the WBLS, it is important to provide sufficient "learner control" mechanism to WBLS learners. One possible way is to allow learners to construct their own learning path by using different(More)
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