Ling-Han Li

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The direct current pumping from highly doped silicon microwire to InP-based III-V active layer for spontaneous light emission was realized by air ambient plasma-assisted direct bonding. The semi-conductive properties of the hetero-integration and the effects of plasma-assisted bonding process on InGaAsP multiple quantum well (MQW) were measured and(More)
The hetero-integration of InP/InGaAs on high doped silicon micro wires for Si hybrid laser using plasma assisted direct bonding was carried out. Bonding assisted pattern was used for increasing the bonding force of the silicon wire to InGaAs/InP bulk. The I–V characteristics of the highly doped silicon micro wire to InP/InGaAs bulk are measured and(More)
InGaAsP/InP active layer on silicon heterointegration by Ar/O2 plasma assisted direct bonding in air was reported. The efficient current injection from SOI micro rib to InGaAsP active layer has been achieved to realized a direct-current-pumped Fabry-Perot Laser by pulse operation at 43 mA threshold current.
A novel etching and oxidation method utilizing space effect of dry etching for three dimensional silicon structure is presented. Testing devices of SOI symmetric waveguide with ultra thick SiO<sub>2</sub> cladding and silicon waveguide structure integrated with 3D taper spot size converter are fabricated using this method.
In this paper, a novel design of metal-oxide NO<sub>2</sub> gas sensor integrated with micro heaters is presented. This gas sensor is ultra small, with the size of 500mumtimes500mum. It has low power consumption less than 10 mW and high sensitivity up to 0.1ppm. The structure of gas sensor was designed, and computer-aided multi-physic simulations were(More)
A miniaturized semiconducting metal oxide NO<inf>2</inf> gas sensor with integrated micro heater is reported in this paper. The sensor has the size of 1&#x00D7;1&#x00D7;0.4mm<sup>3</sup> and detects NO<inf>2</inf> based on the electrical conductance change of porous nanoparticles WO<inf>3</inf> thin film, which is deposited on the interdigitated Pt(More)
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