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Temperate bacteriophage parasitize their host by integrating into the host genome where they provide additional genetic information that confers higher fitness on the host bacterium by protecting it against invasion by other bacteriophage, by increasing serum resistance, and by coding for toxins and adhesion factors that help the parasitized bacterium(More)
We have performed single-molecule studies of GFP-LacI repressor proteins bound to bacteriophage lambda DNA containing a 256 tandem lac operator insertion confined in nanochannels. An integrated photon molecular counting method was developed to determine the number of proteins bound to DNA. By using this method, we determined the saturated mean occupancy of(More)
We investigated the binding interaction between the bacteriophage lambda-repressor CI and its target DNA using total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy. Large stepwise changes in the intensity of the red fluorescent protein fused to CI were observed as it associated with and dissociated from individually labeled single-molecule DNA targets. The(More)
Objective: To discuss the anatomical characteristic and important role of specific adipose attachments in preserving parathyroid function in total thyroidectomy. Methods: Parathyroid glands of 91 cases underwent total thyroidectomy in Department of General Surgery, Beijing Hospital from January to November 2015 were observed prospectively. There were 19(More)
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