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A highly regioselective [2 + 2 + 2] cyclization of aromatic alkynes with nitriles is developed for the preparation of 2,3,6-trisubstituted pyridines under visible-light irradiation using a pyrylium salt as the photoredox catalyst. This cycloaddition is achieved through a photooxidative single-electron-transfer process at room temperature and under(More)
Highly efficient (n)Bu3P-catalyzed desulfonylative [3 + 2] cycloadditions of allylic carbonates with arylazosulfones were developed for the synthesis of pyrazole derivatives. The reactions proceed smoothly under mild conditions to generate corresponding annulation products in good to excellent yields.
A highly regioselective and stereoselective addition of alkyl bromides (amino-brominated aromatic β,β-dicyanoalkenes) to arylacetylenes by photoredox catalysis was developed. This difunctionalization of arylacetylenes was accomplished under ambient and metal-free conditions to produce alkenyl bromides in high efficiency with a wide range of group tolerance.
Cycloadditions of alkynyl ketones with N-tosylimines catalyzed by Lewis bases to synthesize azetidines and pyrrolidines were systematically described. In the reaction of alkynyl ketones with N-tosylimines catalyzed by Bu3P at room temperature in toluene, highly functionalized pyrrolidines were formed in good to excellent yields. When DMAP was used in place(More)
An efficient tandem elimination-cyclization-desulfitative arylation of 2-(gem-dibromovinyl)phenols(thiophenols) with sodium arylsulfinates has been developed. In the presence of TBAF-PdCl(2)-Cu(OAc)(2)-NEt(3), the reactions generated 2-arylbenzofurans(thiophenes) with good yields in one-pot under ligand-free conditions.
A tandem ring-opening reaction of N-tosylaziridines with terminal alkynoates promoted by Et(3)N has been described. A variety of N-tosylaziridines reacted with terminal alkynoates to give functionalized enamines in moderate to good yields under simple reaction conditions.
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