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Ghrelin is a newly discovered brain-gut peptide and an endogenous ligand for growth hormone secretagogues receptor (GHS-R). Ghrelin and GHS-R present extensively in central and peripheral tissues such as stomach, brain and other organs of rodent and human, which suggest it has multiple biological effects. It has been reported that ghrelin has significant(More)
High mutation frequency during reverse transcription has a principal role in the genetic variation of primate lentiviral populations. It is the main driving force for the generation of drug resistance and the escape from immune surveillance. G to A hypermutation is one of the characteristics of primate lentiviruses, as well as other retroviruses, during(More)
Oxidative stress mediated by hyperglycaemia-induced generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) contributes significantly to the development and progression of diabetes and related vascular complications. NAD(P)H oxidase has been implicated as the major source of ROS generation in the vasculature in response to high glucose and advanced glycation(More)
To improve regeneration of the injured myocardium, cardiomyocyte progenitor cells (CMPCs) have been put forward as a potential cell source for transplantation therapy. Although cell transplantation therapy displayed promising results, many issues need to be addressed before fully appreciating their impact. One of the hurdles is poor graft-cell survival upon(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate two-dimensional (2D) multi-detector row computed tomographic (CT) angiography and three-dimensional (3D) volume rendering for depiction of patterns of arterial growth and quantification of blood vessel density and volume. MATERIALS AND METHODS The institutional animal care and use committee approved this study. The right femoral artery(More)
This paper presents a method for predicting pacing sites in the left ventricle of a heart and its result can be used to assist device programming in cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), which is a widely adopted therapy for heart failure patients. In a traditional CRT device deployment, pacing sites are selected without quantitative prediction. That(More)
Chemoresistance is a challenge for clinician in management of tongue cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to explore alternative therapeutic methods to overcome drug resistance. miRNAs are endogenous −22nt RNAs that play important regulatory roles by targeting mRNAs. miR-21, an essential oncogenic molecule, is associated with chemosensitivity of several human(More)
Obesity is known to be associated with higher risks of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes mellitus. Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSHR) is the receptor for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH, or thyrotropin), the key regulator of thyroid functions. The expression of TSHR, once considered to be limited to thyrocytes, has been so far(More)
Cancer is a multifaceted disease that results from dysregulated normal cellular signaling networks caused by genetic, genomic and epigenetic alterations at cell or tissue levels. Uncovering the underlying protein signaling network changes, including cell cycle gene networks in cancer, aids in understanding the molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis and(More)
Primary graft failure (PGF) is a devastating complication that occurs in the immediate postoperative period following heart transplantation. It manifests as severe ventricular dysfunction of the donor graft and carries significant mortality and morbidity. In the last decade, advances in pharmacological treatment and mechanical circulatory support have(More)