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Eye detection is the preconditions for fatigue driving detection. In this paper, considering the deficiency of the origin algorithm based on rank order filter, an improved eye detection algorithm based on rank order filter and projection function is proposed. At first, according to the structure features and gray features, an ellipse mask combined with rank(More)
Proper feature descriptors are critical in the processing of image registration. In this paper, to overcome the high dimension of the local descriptor and the lack of gray-level information of SIFT, an improved registration algorithm is proposed to combine the advantages of SIFT and CCH. In the new algorithm, the descriptor construction method is improved,(More)
In order to make the application of ZSP chips more border and facilitate the work of ZSP assembler programmers, a common development platform for ZSP is needed urgently. In this paper, the ZSP400 processor simulator, based on the ZSP400 target machine architecture and ZSP400 instruction set, is developed successfully. In the Windows environment, this(More)
In the analysis of the geometry complexity of rock joints, image processing and analysis is one of the best techniques. The measurement parameters of rock joints can be obtained by using digital image analysis technique. And the grade of geometry complexity of rock joints can be determined on considering the parameters comprehensively based on fuzzy(More)
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