Ling-Fan Zhang

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BACKGROUND Graphene oxide (GO)can be dispersed through functionalization, or chemically converted to make different graphene-based nanocomposites with excellent mechanical and thermal properties. Chitosan, a partially deacetylated derivative of chitin, is extensively used for food packaging, biosensors, water treatment, and drug delivery. GO can be evenly(More)
The invasion of Spartina alterniflora along the coasts of China has allowed this C4 grass to outcompete often much of the native, salt marsh vegetation, such as Phragmites australis (C3 grass), in the Yangtze Estuary. In this study, native grass, P. australis, and non-native grass, S. alterniflora, were grown in fresh and saline water (moderate salinity of(More)
A simple, polishable and renewable DNA biosensor was fabricated based on a zirconia modified carbon paste electrode. Zirconia was mixed with graphite powder and paraffin wax to produce the paste for the electrode, and response-optimized at 56% graphite powder, 19% ZrO(2) and 25% paraffin wax. An oligonucleotide probe with a terminal 5'-phosphate group was(More)
The present study was designed to investigate the expression of type I, III and VI collagens by a fibroblast cell line initiated from a hypertrophic scar. The same tissue has previously been demonstrated to display markedly elevated expression of type I and III collagen mRNAs in vivo. Unexpectedly, slot-blot and Northern hybridizations revealed a barely(More)
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