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—When a large amount of sensors are randomly deployed into a field, how can we make a sleep/activate schedule for sensors to maximize the lifetime of target coverage in the field? This is a well-known problem, called Maximum Lifetime Coverage Problem (MLCP), which has been studied extensively in the literature. It is a long-standing open problem whether(More)
—In this paper, we will study a special Connected Dominating Set (CDS) problem — between any two nodes in a network, there exists at least one shortest path, all of whose intermediate nodes should be included in a special CDS, named Minimum rOuting Cost CDS (MOC-CDS). Therefore, routing by MOC-CDS can guarantee that each routing path between any pair of(More)
—Topology control is one vital factor to a wireless network's efficiency. A Connected Dominating Set (CDS) can be a useful basis of a backbone topology construction. In this paper, a special CDS, named í µí»¼ Minimum rOuting Cost CDS (í µí»¼-MOC-CDS), will be studied to improve the performance of CDS based broadcasting and routing. In this paper, we prove(More)
  • XianTian Zhang, Lianguo Kang, Ling Ding, Semir Vranic, Zoran Gatalica, Zhao-Yi Wang
  • 2011
It is prevailingly thought that estrogen signaling is not involved in development of estrogen receptor (ER)-negative breast cancer. However, there is evidence indicating that ovariectomy prevents the development of both ER-positive and -negative breast cancer, suggesting that estrogen signaling is involved in the development of ER-negative breast cancer.(More)
— Using directional antennas to conserve bandwidth and energy consumption in ad hoc wireless networks has attracted much attention of the research community in recent years. However, limited research has focused on applying directional antennas to broadcasting. We devise a link reduction (LR) based broadcasting protocol for ad hoc wireless networks using(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new clustering problem in underwater sensor networks, namely minimum average routing path clustering problem (MARPCP). To deal with the high complexity of MARPCP, we relax it to a special case of minimum weight dominating set problem (MWDSP). We show an existing algorithm for MWDSP can produce an approximate solution for(More)
In this paper, we explore the use of provenance for analyzing execution dynamics in distributed systems. We argue that provenance could have significant practical benefits for system administrators, e.g., for reasoning about changes in a system's state, diagnosing protocol miscon-figurations, detecting intrusions, and pinpointing performance bottlenecks.(More)
It is prevailingly thought that the antiestrogens tamoxifen and ICI 182, 780 are competitive antagonists of the estrogen-binding site of the estrogen receptor-alpha (ER-α). However, a plethora of evidence demonstrated both antiestrogens exhibit agonist activities in different systems such as activation of the membrane-initiated signaling pathways. The(More)