Ling-Chu Huang

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Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy or sympathicotomy is a safe and effective method of treating primary hyperhidrosis (PH), but postoperative compensatory sweating may be a problem. There are few reports of sympathetic blockade by clipping for PH. We present our experience of endoscopic thoracic sympathetic block (ETSB) by clipping in treating palmar (PAH)(More)
With the online shopping market growing year by year, how to manage customer relationship has become an important issue for the online business industry. It is worth studying whether the relationship marketing theories of the past based on the physical channels are applicable to the Internet environment. This study establishes model to verify the impact of(More)
Customer orientation behavior of frontline employees is an important issue in service industries. This research investigates 520 frontline employees of six life insurance companies in Taiwan. The researchers examine the relationships among job satisfaction, job involvement, job stress and customer orientation behaviors. The moderating roles of emotional(More)
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