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In the past two decades the east African highlands have experienced several major malaria epidemics. Currently there is a renewed interest in exploring the possibility of anopheline larval control through environmental management or larvicide as an additional means of reducing malaria transmission in Africa. This study examined the landscape determinants of(More)
Digital Earth 2020: towards the vision for the next decade Max Craglia a , Kees de Bie b , Davina Jackson c , Martino Pesaresi a , Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp d , Changlin Wang e , Alessandro Annoni a , Ling Bian f , Fred Campbell g , Manfred Ehlers h , John van Genderen b , Michael Goodchild i , Huadong Guo e , Anthony Lewis j , Richard Simpson k , Andrew(More)
Selecting tourist attractions to visit at a destination is a main stage in planning a trip. Although various online travel recommendation systems have been developed to support users in the task of travel planning during the last decade, few systems focus on recommending specific tourist attractions. In this paper, an intelligent system to provide(More)
A speech of then-Vice President Al Gore in 1998 created a vision for a Digital Earth, and played a role in stimulating the development of a first generation of virtual globes, typified by Google Earth, that achieved many but not all the elements of this vision. The technical achievements of Google Earth, and the functionality of this first generation of(More)
Current retrieval methods in geographic image databases use only pixel-by-pixel spectral information. Texture is an important property of geographical images that can improve retrieval eeectiveness and eeciency. In this paper, we present a content-based retrieval approach that utilizes the texture features of geographical images. Various texture features(More)
BACKGROUND Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) is endemic in many provinces with high incidence in mainland China, although integrated intervention measures including rodent control, environment management and vaccination have been implemented for over ten years. In this study, we conducted a geographic information system (GIS)-based spatial(More)