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Based on the research of knowledge modeling and the practice of engineering design, the knowledge expression system for knowledge-based cooperative design system was put forward, which includes the engineering language knowledge, the engineering data table knowledge, the engineering instance knowledge and the engineering graphic knowledge. According to the(More)
In order to explore the impact of upstream structural on supply chain design, Taking into consideration that the relationship between bill of material (BOM) and multi-hierarchical suppliers, based on the supply chain design with single supply hub model, this paper extended to establish supply chain design models with two supply hubs from the model with(More)
A novel adaptive mutation particle swarm optimization (AMPSO) algorithm based on Fuzzy matter-element analysis for generalized dynamic constraints satisfaction (GDCS) was presented to resolve the coupling domain level and knowledge level constraints introduced by collaborative simulation results. Firstly, the Fuzzy relation-element optimization method(More)
1School of Economics and Management, Wuhan Textile University, China 2Department of Computer Science, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303, U.S.A. 3Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea 4School of Electronics and Communication, Wuhan Textile University, China 5School of Management,(More)
For data exchange industry chain enterprises and cloud service platform group based on SaaS mode, analyzed the data exchange all the inherent relation and data exchange participants, based on the solution of data exchange based on Web Services. On the basis of improving the traditional XML data exchange model based on the proposed rule double XML(More)
On basis of cluster supply chain with two four-echelon single supply chains, cross-chain inventory coordination between two retailers is taken into account on condition of the two supply chains co-petition. The time-varying robust control system model is built, the method of quantizing bullwhip effect is put forward, and optimal orders are explored through(More)
A preferable value for parameters proved to be crucial in enhancing the performance and efficiency of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. To provide good solution for reasonable choice of parameter values within fairly wide range for particle swarm optimization, this paper presents a novel parameter optimizing configuration strategy based on(More)
This paper addresses the distribution network design problem under a supply chain system that involves selecting the optimum numbers, locations and capacities of plants and warehouses to open so that all customer demand is satisfied at minimum total costs of the distribution network. We develop a mixed integer programming allowing for multiple levels of(More)
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