Line Harder Clemmensen

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This study investigated whether heterosexual males are more likely to regret sex reassignment surgery than homosexual males or females. Subjects were 111 postoperative transsexuals who had been surgically reassigned for at least one year, representing a follow-up rate of 84.1%. Subjects' feelings about surgery were assessed with self-administered(More)
This study investigated why more males than females complain of dissatisfaction with their anatomical sex (gender dysphoria). New referrals to a university gender identity clinic were dichotomously classified as heterosexual or homosexual. There were 73 heterosexual and 52 homosexual males; 1 heterosexual and 71 homosexual females. The average heterosexual(More)
The present study investigated whether a mixture of low doses of five environmentally relevant endocrine disrupting pesticides, epoxiconazole, mancozeb, prochloraz, tebuconazole and procymidone, would cause adverse developmental toxicity effects in rats. In rat dams, a significant increase in gestation length was seen, while in male offspring increased(More)
Applications in biotechnology such as gene expression analysis and image processing have led to a tremendous development of statistical methods with emphasis on reliable solutions to severely underdetermined systems, and interpretation, solutions where the surplus of inputs have been reduced to a concise model. At the core of this development are methods(More)
Graph theoretical analyses applied to neuroimaging datasets have provided valuable insights into the large-scale anatomical organization of the human neocortex. Most of these studies were performed with different cortical scales leading to cortical networks with different levels of small-world organization. The present study investigates how resolution of(More)
This paper presents a comparison of dimension reduction methods based on a novel machine vision application for estimating moisture content in sand used to make concrete. For the application in question it is very important to know the moisture content of the sand so as to ensure good-quality concrete. In order to achieve a continuous in-line approach for(More)
This study showed that the "socially desirable" presentation for a heterosexual male gender dysphoric is one that emphasizes traits and behaviors characteristic of "classic" transsexualism. Fifty-one homosexual and 64 heterosexual adult male gender patients were administered the Crowne-Marlowe (1964) Social Desirability Scale as well as eight questionnaire(More)
BACKGROUND Visible-near infrared spectroscopy remains a method of increasing interest as a fast alternative for the evaluation of fruit quality. The success of the method is assumed to be achieved by using large sets of samples to produce robust calibration models. In this study we used representative samples of an early and a late season apple cultivar to(More)