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Oslo in 1988. She is currently working as a researcher at the Norwegian Computing Center and has been involved in several projects concerning document image analysis and machine vision. Her research interests lie mainly within the various applications of statistical pattern recognition. Summary In this paper, we demonstrate that hidden Markov chains have a(More)
The problems of character recognition are today mainly due to imperfect thresholding and segmentation In this paper a new ap proach to text recognition is presented which attempts to avoid these problems by working directly on grey level images and treating an en tire word at the time The features are found from the grey levels of the image and a hidden(More)
The project “Road Traffic Snapshot” concerns a possible future service for counting vehicles in satellite images and generating traffic information based on these counts. The contents of the project has been to: (i) Define user requirements and technical specifications for the service; (ii) Make a service case implementation and; (iii) Validate and evaluate(More)
Frequent mapping of snow parameters, like snow cover area (SCA) and snow surface wetness (SSW), is important for applications in hydrology, meteorology and climatology. In this study we have developed a few general multi-sensor/timeseries approaches for such monitoring. The objective is to analyze, on a daily basis, a time series of optical and Synthetic(More)
This paper describes an estimation-maximisation algorithm to estimate the parameters of a probability density model consisting of a linear mixture of two multinormal distributions. Superior classification results to those obtained using the multinormal distribution or the knearest-neighbour rule were obtained with this model on two difficult data sets. KEY(More)