Line A Andersen

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OBJECTIVE Alternative medicine is used extensively by patients with chronic pain due to e.g., osteoarthritis. Only few of these drugs have be tested in a controlled setting and the present study was undertaken to examine the effect of ginger extract, one of the most popular herbal medications. DESIGN Ginger extract was compared to placebo and Ibuprofen in(More)
Two hundred and three patients, 148 males and 55 females, who during the last month before admission had experienced at least one reversible cerebral ischemic attack of less than 72 hours duration, were randomly assigned to treatment with either acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) 1000 mg daily (101 patients) or placebo (102 patients). The average follow-up period(More)
The present study was performed in 34 patients with transient cerebral ischemia, TCI. Twenty-four of the patients were examined angiographically. Atherosclerotic abnormalities were demonstrated in 13 and a total occlusion of the interior carotid artery was found in one patient. The angiograms were normal in 10 patients. One patient suffered from(More)
A comparative study was performed on heparin resins and strong and weak cation exchangers to investigate the pH dependence, efficiency, binding strength, particle size distribution, static and dynamic capacity, and scanning electron microscopy pictures of chromatographic resins. The resins tested include: Heparin Sepharose FF, SP Sepharose FF, CM Sepharose(More)
Upper respiratory infection (URI) is a pervasive problem in cats and impacts the capacity and cost of sheltering programs. This study determined the pattern of respiratory pathogens in cats with and without clinical signs of URI in four different models for managing unowned cats, namely, (1) short-term animal shelters (STS), (2) long-term sanctuaries (LTS),(More)
ADP-induced platelet aggregation in vitro has been studied in 90 normal controls and in 30 patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) and 22 with peripheral thromboatherosclerosis (PTA). The sensitivity to ADP was defined by the threshold concentration which produced secondary aggregation with an amplitude corresponding to not less than 80% of the(More)