Lindzy D. Friend

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In humans, the elderly and immunocompromised are at greatest risk for disseminated West Nile virus (WNV) infection, yet the immunologic basis for this remains unclear. We demonstrated previously that B cells and IgG contributed to the defense against disseminated WNV infection (Diamond, M.S., B. Shrestha, A. Marri, D. Mahan, and M. Engle. 2003. J. Virol.(More)
T cell activation is regulated by coordinate interaction of the T cell Ag receptor and costimulatory signals. Although there is considerable insight into processes that regulate the initiation of inflammation, less is known about the signals that terminate immune responses. We have examined the role of the inhibitory receptors programmed death receptor-1(More)
Activation of naive T cells requires the integration of signals through the antigen receptor and CD28. Although there is agreement on the importance of CD28, there remains controversy on the mechanism by which CD28 regulates T cell function. We have generated a gene-targeted knockin mouse expressing a mutation in the C-terminal proline-rich region of the(More)
Factors involved in pregnancy failure due to abnormal fetomaternal tolerance are poorly understood. Here we describe distinct defects in placenta formation and subsequent pregnancy loss solely dependent on the activation of the complement alternative pathway and the effector mechanisms provided by the maternal C3. Surprisingly, this effect is independent of(More)
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