Lindy Garner

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Chronic nicotine administration increased locomotor activity during the light, but not the dark, in rats maintained on a 12:12-hr light/dark cycle, but the period and peak of the circadian rhythm (CR) were not affected. In Experiment I, 24 male rats were implanted with battery-operated telemeters and locomotor activity was continuously measured for 10 days(More)
This study was designed to elucidate hormone storage patterns in gonadotropes with the use of ultrastructural immunocytochemistry on serial ultrathin sections. Sets of six serial sections were strained for beta chains of LH, FSH, or the C-Terminal sequence of ACTH, and 430 cells cut in triple or double serial section were collected from a group of seven(More)
We have previously reported that a diet supplemented with choline induces an increase in the concentration of a brain nicotinic-like receptor, as measured by alpha-bungarotoxin (BuTX) binding. Here we report the effects of choline administered in the drinking water on BuTX binding in the cortex, midbrain and brainstem of rats at 3 ages. In comparison with(More)
We investigated whether chronic administration of LHRH to normal adult rats could increase the percentages of anterior pituitary gland (APG) cells that contain immunoreactive LH and/or FSH and gonadotropin secretion. Vehicle or 1 microgram LHRH was injected sc twice daily for 6 days, and rats were decapitated 16 h after the last injection. Treatment with(More)
The effects of landscape fragmentation on nest predation and brood parasitism, the two primary causes of avian reproductive failure, have been difficult to generalize across landscapes, yet few studies have clearly considered the context and spatial scale of fragmentation. Working in two river systems fragmented by agricultural and rural-housing(More)