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Seismic images of the far side of the Sun
Synoptic seismic imaging of far-side solar activity will now allow anticipation of the appearance of large active regions more than a week ahead of their arrival on the east solar limb. Expand
Slip pulse and resonance of Kathmandu
The shape of the slip-rate time function (STF) during seismic rupture provides critical information about the intensity of near-field ground motion, and insight into constitutive fault propertiesExpand
A Bleeding Disorder Due to Deficiency of a 2-Antiplasmin
A deficiency of a2-antiplasmin has been identified in a female patient with severe and frequent bleeding episodes. Routine coagulation and platelet assays of the patient s plasma were within normalExpand
--Fifteen juvenile Puerto Rican Parrots (Amazona vittata) from wild nests in 1985, 1986 and 1987 were radio monitored an average of 110 +_ 15.9 (SE) d (range 4-209 d) post-fiedging. Minimum survivalExpand
Climatic influence on black grouse population dynamic in Belgian Hautes-Fagnes : an update.
INTRODUCTION Spring censuses of lekking Black Grouse cocks are available for 20 to 30 years in various European areas. Previous work has shown the relevance of certain climatic variables to model theExpand
— Five additional species of wood rotting basidiomycetes on Arizona junipers are described and illustrated. All cause a white rot of dead, fallen trees. Leptosporomyces juniperintis is proposed as aExpand
A Major Landslide Involving an Inverted Paleochannel in Sierra County, New Mexico
A landslide that probably dates to the end of the Pleistocene has been found adjacent to the the New Mexico Spaceport. The feature consists of three subparallel segments partitioned by southeastExpand