Lindsey Shephard

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For economic and efficient nitrogen removal from wastewater treatment plants via simultaneous nitrification and denitrification the nitrification process should stop at the level of nitrite such that nitrite rather than nitrate becomes the substrate for denitrification. This study aims to contribute to the understanding of the conditions that are necessary(More)
C. Olson, G. Rochau, S. Slutz, C. Morrow, R. Olson, M. Cuneo, D. Hanson, G. Bennett, T. Sanford, J. Bailey, W. Stygar, R. Vesey, T. Mehlhorn, K. Struve, M. Mazarakis, M. Savage, T. Pointon, M. Kiefer, S. Rosenthal, K. Cochrane, L. Schneider, S. Glover, K. Reed, D. Schroen, C. Farnum, M. Modesto, D. Oscar, L. Chhabildas, J. Boyes, V. Vigil, R. Keith, M.(More)
accident and emergency departments in east London: the contribution of practice organization, population characteristics, and distance. J Health Serv Res Policy 1997;2:6-13. 3 Morgan K, Prothero D, Frankel S. The rise in emergency admissions: crisis or artefact? Temporal analysis of health services data. BMJ 1999;319:158-9. 4 Meggs MJ, Czaplijski T, Benson(More)
The long-range goal of the Z-pinch IFE program is to produce an economically-attractive power plant using high-yield Z-pinch-driven targets (~3 GJ) with low rep-rate per chamber (~0.1 Hz). He present mainline choice for a Z-pinch IFE power plant uses an LTD (Linear Transformer Driver) repetitive pulsed power driver, a Recyclable Transmission Line (RTL), a(More)
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