Lindsey Rachel Smith

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This study investigated the effects of continuous moderate-intensity exercise (MIE) and high-intensity interval exercise (HIIE) in combination with short exposure to hypoxia on appetite and plasma concentrations of acylated ghrelin, peptide YY (PYY), and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). Twelve healthy males completed four, 2.6 h trials in a random order:(More)
"Evidence on labor immigration and capital inflows to three high labor-immigration economies (Australia, Canada, the United States) is examined over periods ranging from 1820-1870 through to 1991. Data show a close association between capital flows and immigration, although causality implications are ambiguous. For the United States, the relation between(More)
The HIV-1 nucleocapsid (NC) protein is a small, basic protein containing two retroviral zinc fingers. It is a highly active nucleic acid chaperone; because of this activity, it plays a crucial role in virus replication as a cofactor during reverse transcription, and is probably important in other steps of the replication cycle as well. We previously(More)
Studies examining student motivation levels suggest that this is a significant factor in students' engagement in physical education and may be positively affected when teachers employ alternative pedagogical models such as game-centered approaches (GCAs). The aim of this study was to investigate changes in self-determined motivation of students as they(More)
Appetite and gut hormone responses to moderate-intensity continuous exercise versus high1 intensity interval exercise, in normoxic and hypoxic conditions 2 3 Daniel P Bailey, Lindsey R Smith, Bryna C Chrismas, Lee Taylor, David J Stensel, Kevin 4 Deighton, Jessica Douglas, Catherine J Kerr. 5 6 Author affiliations 7 Institute for Sport and Physical Activity(More)
Major biophysical, economic, and political changes in the Arctic regions during the past two decades has grown business opportunities in the Arctic countries, such as tourism. More specifically, with a focus on sustainability of resources, the industry of ecotourism has emerged and become the fastest growing area within tourism. Ecotourism is a travel(More)
Resistance to apoptosis is afforded by inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (IAPs) which bind to and inhibit the caspases responsible for cleavage of substrates leading to apoptotic cell death. Smac (or DIABLO), a proapoptotic protein released from the mitochondrial intermembrane space into the cytosol, promotes apoptosis by binding to IAPs, thus reversing their(More)
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