Lindsey P Smith

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BACKGROUND It has been well-documented that Americans have shifted towards eating out more and cooking at home less. However, little is known about whether these trends have continued into the 21st century, and whether these trends are consistent amongst low-income individuals, who are increasingly the target of public health programs that promote home(More)
The present study examined narrative development in children and adolescents with Down syndrome longitudinally. Narratives were collected from 32 children and adolescents with Down syndrome three times over a 1-year period. Both micro- and macrolevel analyses were conducted. Significant growth over the 1-year period was seen in semantic complexity and(More)
BACKGROUND Although body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC) are correlated, the relationship between WC and BMI may have changed over time. OBJECTIVES To describe temporal trends in BMI and WC distributions and quantify the increase in WC at a given BMI over time. SUBJECTS/METHODS Data on adults aged 20-59 years from two waves (1993 and 2009)(More)
Age and portion size have been found to influence food intake in American children but have not been examined in an international context. This study evaluated the association between age and the effects of portion size on the food intake of kindergarteners in Kunming, China. Using a within-subjects crossover design in a classroom setting, 173 children in(More)
Assignment: No one ever said monkey mindreading was easy! Over the past couple of weeks, you have been introduced to some of the major challenges of studying animal cognition. Some of these difficulties are methodological (i.e., anecdotal vs. empirical evidence), while others are philosophical (i.e., anthropocentrism and anthropomorphism). In this(More)
Assignment: Until now, our exploration into the minds of other animals has concentrated on comparing cognitive abilities across different groups of primates. This examination has taught us that, despite shared ancestry, primates vary in their cognitive abilities. For example, apes seem to display self-recognition and the potential for other theory of mind(More)
Assignment: As you've discovered from your readings and our discussions, a great deal of debate exists not only about how to measure cognitive abilities in other primates, but also about how these abilities evolve. In the 1800's Darwin proposed the notion of evolutionary continuity, which posits that traits should be similar in species with shared ancestry.(More)
electronic format (including reproductions displayed on a secure intranet or stored in a retrieval system or other electronic storage device from which copies can be made or displayed) without the prior written permission of the publisher. By purchasing only authorized electronic or print editions and not participating in or encouraging piracy of(More)
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