Lindsey L Monteith

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The present study examined the unique and interactive effects of stress and problem-solving skills on suicidal behaviors among 102 inpatient adolescents. As expected, life event stress and chronic stress each significantly predicted suicidal ideation and suicide attempt. Problem solving significantly predicted suicidal ideation, but not suicide attempt.(More)
Suicide among veterans is a pressing public health concern. The interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide proposes that perceived burdensomeness and thwarted belongingness lead to suicidal desire, whereas the acquired capability for suicide leads to suicide attempt in the presence of suicidal desire (Joiner, 2005). Two hypotheses derived from the(More)
Compelling evidence has emerged on the association between military sexual trauma and suicide attempt; however, research investigating how sexual trauma during deployment relates to suicidal ideation has received considerably less attention and has yielded mixed findings. Furthermore, such research has not accounted for other types of trauma that may occur(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between executive dysfunction, as a multidimensional construct (ie, decision-making, impulsivity, aggression, concept formation), and suicide attempt (SA) history in a high-risk sample of veterans with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). DESIGN Observational, 2×2 factorial design. To estimate group(More)
This study examined whether valuing relationships, achievement, and security moderated the association between interpersonal-psychological constructs (Joiner, 2005) and suicidal ideation (SI). A total of 122 veterans completed the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire, Survey of Life Principles, and Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation. Valuing relationships(More)
Military personnel can be exposed to a wide range of sexual trauma while deployed, including sexual harassment and sexual assault. We examined whether different types of sexual trauma during deployment associated with recent suicidal ideation among previously deployed OEF/OIF/OND veterans admitted to trauma-focused treatment (n = 199). More severe forms of(More)
No studies have examined whether military sexual trauma, as measured and defined within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), is associated with suicidal ideation among Veterans in VHA care, when taking prior suicide attempts into account. Research regarding the role of gender in this association is also limited. The present study examined: (1) whether(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide is a leading cause of premature death among military service members/veterans (SM/Vs). The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide (Joiner, 2007) proposes that higher thwarted belonging, perceived burdensomeness, and acquired capability confer increased risk for suicide. However, no studies have examined the association of sexual dysfunction, a(More)
BACKGROUND Suicidal thoughts and behaviors among U.S. military veterans are a major public health concern. To date, however, scarce data are available regarding the nature and correlates of suicidal ideation (SI) among U.S. veterans. This study evaluated the prevalence and correlates of suicidal ideation in a contemporary, nationally representative, 2-year(More)
BACKGROUND Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is prevalent in the general population and US veterans in particular and is associated with an increased risk of developing coronary artery disease (CAD). We compared the patient characteristics and postprocedural outcomes of veterans with and without PTSD undergoing coronary angiography. METHODS This is a(More)