Lindsey K Harle

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BACKGROUND Cardiac fibrosis occurs with normal aging, but the extent of this process and its effect on cardiac function is unknown. Fibrosis in the nonhypertensive elderly patient is thought to be due to decreased degradation, and not increased deposition, of collagen. The cause of this decreased degradation is unknown. Athletes commonly develop cardiac(More)
INTRODUCTION Brainstem gliomas are rare in adults. They most commonly occur in the pons and are most likely to be high-grade lesions. The diagnosis of a high-grade brainstem glioma is usually reached due to the presentation of rapidly progressing brainstem, cranial nerve and cerebellar symptoms. These symptoms do, however, overlap with a variety of other(More)
Desmoid fibromatoses are benign, slow growing fibroblastic neoplasms, arising from musculoaponeurotic stromal elements. Desmoids are characterized by local invasion, with a high rate of local recurrence and a tendency to destroy adjacent structures and organs. Desmoid fibromatoses are rare in children, and though they may occur in the head and neck region,(More)
INTRODUCTION Herpes simplex infection is most commonly a benign, self-limiting disease with mucocutaneous lesions and mild viremia. Immunosuppressed patients are at a higher risk of disseminated infection, as are neonates and pregnant women. The incidence of fulminant herpes simplex virus hepatitis is extremely low, and the diagnosis is often missed due to(More)
BACKGROUND Among individuals who use alcohol and tobacco products, pregnant women represent a unique subpopulation that generates a greater concern because of the toxic effects of alcohol and nicotine (from cigarettes and tobacco products) on the health of both the pregnant woman and her fetus. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the interactive(More)
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