Lindsey C. Smith

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In this paper, we are proposing an Inter-domain traffic engineering architecture over a Bandwidth Broker (BB) supported Diffserv internet. The main components of our architecture are a novel inter-domain QoS routing architecture , the addition of an explicit path setup capability to the Simple Inter-domain Bandwidth Broker Signaling (SIBBS) protocol, and(More)
The present study examined narrative development in children and adolescents with Down syndrome longitudinally. Narratives were collected from 32 children and adolescents with Down syndrome three times over a 1-year period. Both micro- and macrolevel analyses were conducted. Significant growth over the 1-year period was seen in semantic complexity and(More)
It is proposed that children play an important part in determining the kinds of linguistic experience they receive, influencing their language environment by means of early pragmatic communication. These early behaviours may also be predictive of later communicative competence. As a preliminary investigation into the wider implications of children's(More)
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