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The purpose of this paper is to present a methodology which outlines the kinds of real-life moral dilemmas adolescents spontaneously present in open-ended semiclinical interviews. A coding procedure is introduced which delineates three aspects of these moral dilemmas, "conflicts," "context," and "content," and an analysis is done of the category labeled(More)
Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are, by definition , transferred among intimate social settings. Although the circumstances under which these social settings are established and maintained may vary, the common prerequisite remains an intimate level of social atmosphere. For this reason, the development of sexually transmitted disease(More)
BACKGROUND Attrition is an important problem in cohort studies. Tracing cohort members who have moved or otherwise lost contact with the study is vital. There is some debate about the acceptability and relative effectiveness of opt-in versus opt-out methods of contacting cohort members to re-engage them in this context. We conducted a randomised controlled(More)
Single-peaked preferences are important throughout social choice theory. In this article, we consider single-peaked preferences over multidimensional binary alternative spaces—that is, alternative spaces of the form {0, 1} n for some integer n ≥ 2. We show that preferences that are single-peaked with respect to a normalized separable base order are(More)
Patterns of neural firing can be viewed as a binary code with each neuron as a bit, with neurons which actively fire in response to a stimulus associated to a 1 and those which do not fire associated to a 0. In previous work, Curto et al. demonstrate that by studying the neural code as a ring, information can be recovered about the ways the regions over(More)
BACKGROUND Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) is a birth cohort study within which the Project to Enhance ALSPAC through Record Linkage (PEARL) was established to enrich the ALSPAC resource through linkage between ALSPAC participants and routine sources of health and social data. PEARL incorporated qualitative research to seek the(More)
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