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A Requirement for Dimerization of HP1Hsα in Suppression of Breast Cancer Invasion*
The development and progression of cancer is controlled by gene expression, often regulated through chromatin packaging. Heterochromatin protein 1Hsα (HP1Hsα), one of three human HP1 family members,Expand
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Oxidative lipidomics of hyperoxic acute lung injury: mass spectrometric characterization of cardiolipin and phosphatidylserine peroxidation.
Reactive oxygen species have been shown to play a significant role in hyperoxia-induced acute lung injury, in part, by inducing apoptosis of pulmonary endothelium. However, the signaling roles ofExpand
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Are you coaching mental skills? why not?
Introduction: Across all levels of the athlete continuum, from youth through professional sports, psychological preparation is as essential to success as physical conditioning, adequate hydration andExpand
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Neutral 5-substituted 4-anilinoquinazolines as potent, orally active inhibitors of erbB2 receptor tyrosine kinase.
Neutral 5-substituted 4-anilinoquinazolines addressed high in vivo clearance and phospholipidosis associated with previous basic compounds. A representative compound 8a inhibited tumor growth in aExpand
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Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of AZD5847 in a Mouse Model of Tuberculosis
ABSTRACT AZD5847, a novel oxazolidinone with an MIC of 1 μg/ml, exhibits exposure-dependent killing kinetics against extracellular and intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Oral administration ofExpand
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Pathology and Neurotoxicity in Dogs after Repeat Dose Exposure to a Serotonin 5-HT1B Inhibitor
AZD3783, a cationic amphiphilic drug and a potent inhibitor of the 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT1B) receptor, was explored as a potential treatment for depression. To support clinical trials, repeat doseExpand
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Neutral 5-substituted 4-indazolylaminoquinazolines as potent, orally active inhibitors of erbB2 receptor tyrosine kinase.
We have identified a new series of C-5 substituted indazolylaminoquinazolines as potent erbB2 kinase inhibitors. The lead compound 22 showed excellent in vitro potency, good physical properties,Expand
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Perceptions of Genius: Einstein, Lesser Mortals and Shooting Stars
This paper elucidates the conceptual nature of the term ‘genius’. Two studies are reported. In the first, a total of 349 undergraduates were asked in 1984, 1991, 1993, 1994 and 1997 to nominate threeExpand
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