Lindsay V. Allen

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Verification of logic controllers can identify errors during the design stage so they can be remedied and prevent some faults from occurring once the system is running. Input order robustness is the property that multiple inputs arriving in a variety of orders, and regardless of the order, produce the same set of outputs and same final state. Verifying this(More)
Some problems with event-based faults in manufacturing systems cannot be handled by existing fault detection solutions, including finding faults in event-based data for systems for which limited information is known. A new fault detection solution that finds faults in event-based data using model generation is presented here. This solution assumes that some(More)
This paper presents conditions under which a type of Petri net model with resources, called System of Transition Processes with Resources (STPR), can produce a given event stream. In particular, a necessary condition is given for the event stream to be produced based on checking upper and lower bounds of the marking on the Petri net. Algorithms for checking(More)
Some faults in manufacturing systems that are evident in event-based data cannot be detected by existing solutions. This paper summarizes a method for identifying anomalies in event-based data using model generation. The method is based on knowledge of events and resources of the system and generates a set of Petri Net models to detect the anomalies. The(More)
Verifying that logic control satisfies some desirable properties is essential to the proper and safe functioning of a manufacturing system. Input order robustness is one such property that has not been thoroughly explored. If a logic controller is input order robust for all sets of inputs whose elements can arrive in any order and whose order should not(More)
During its lifetime, a manufacturing system often has added functionalities or significant changes to its control system that can result in a broken control hierarchy, causing problems with debugging and reconfiguration. For the upand-coming field of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems, poor reconfigurability is especially problematic. A procedure for(More)
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