Lindsay Stephens

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OBJECTIVE To combine insights from multiple disciplines into a set of questions that can be used to investigate contextual factors affecting health decision making. BACKGROUND Decision-making processes and outcomes may be shaped by a range of non-medical or 'contextual' factors particular to an individual including social, economic, political,(More)
CONTEXT Orofacial and dental trauma continues to be a commonly encountered issue for the sports medicine team. All sports have some risk for dental injury, but "contact sports" presumably incur more risk. Immediate evaluation and proper management of the most common injuries to dentition can result in saving or restoration of tooth structure. Despite the(More)
Investigations of signal transmission in the auditory system are being carried out in cooperation with the Eaton-Peabody Laboratory for Auditory Physiology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. The long-term objective is to determine the anatomical structures and physiological mechanisms that underlie vertebrate hearing and to apply that knowledge to(More)
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