Lindsay Sales

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BACKGROUND A serious, albeit rare, sequel of therapeutic ionizing radiotherapy is delayed development of a new, histologically distinct neoplasm within the radiation field. METHODS We identified 27 cases, from a 10-year period, of intracranial tumors arising after cranial irradiation. The original lesions for which cranial radiation was used for treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Conformal or intensity-modulated radiation therapy can be improved by using a customized tongue-displacing (CTD) stent. These stents are designed to either move healthy oral tissues out of the path of the radiation beam or stabilize mobile tissues to allow more precise field control. METHODS The authors describe CTD stent construction for both(More)
Emergent cancer pain is a difficult entity to manage. Radiation therapy potentially may be used for its treatment. Several key issues must be addressed in patients with emergent cancer pain before initiating radiation. These issues include whether the necessary diagnostic information is available, whether the tumor will respond rapidly to radiation, and(More)
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