Lindsay R Ward

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Two isoallergens of Cyn d I were isolated using preparative isoelectric focussing, and were designated Cyn d Ia and b. These isoallergens differ in their pI, molecular weight (Cyn d Ia, 32 kD and Cyn d Ib, 31 kD) and their NH2-terminal sequence. Four monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) were produced using Cyn d Ia as antigen. These Mabs recognized both Cyn d Ia(More)
Raw milk is known to contain relatively high numbers of microorganisms, some of which include microbial pathogens. Electron beam (eBeam) processing is a nonthermal pasteurization food processing technology. The underlying hypothesis was that eBeam processing will not negatively influence the composition, nutrient content, and aroma profile of raw milk. Raw(More)
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