Lindsay Nicholls

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Repeated classification of a visually presented stimulus rapidly leads to a form of response learning that bypasses the original evaluation in favor of a more efficient response mechanism. In two experiments, we examined the level of input and output representations that make up this form of learning. In Experiment 1, alterations in the finger mapping of(More)
Functional brain imaging studies of priming assume that the behavioral facilitation and activity reductions resulting from multiple repetitions reflect the continued tuning of processes engaged during the initial processing of items. Utilizing an object priming paradigm in which participants were asked to make relative size judgments about visually(More)
Making judgments about the retrievability of information is a critical part of the metamemory processes engaged during remembering. A recent study of patients with frontal lesions suggests that ventral medial prefrontal cortex (VMPC) plays a critical role in such judgments [Schnyer, D. M., Verfaellie, M., Alexander, M. P., Lafleche, G., Nicholls, L., &(More)
The hypothesis that prefrontal cortex plays a critical role in accurate predictions of episodic memory performance was tested using the feeling-of-knowing (FOK) paradigm. Fourteen patients with a broad spectrum of damage to the frontal cortex and matched controls read sentences and later were tested for recall memory, confidence judgments, and FOK accuracy(More)
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