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Uniform dimensions and genetic tractability make filamentous viruses attractive templates for the display of functional groups used in materials science, sensor applications, and vaccine development. However, active virus replication and recombination often limit the usefulness of these viruses for such applications. To circumvent these limitations, genetic(More)
A novel virus-like particle (TMV-VLP) receptor layer has been integrated with an optical microdisk resonator transducer for biosensing applications. This bioreceptor layer is functionalized with selective peptides that encode unique recognition affinities. Integration of bioreceptors with sensor platforms is very challenging due their very different(More)
A set of prediction equations to estimate the nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolizable energy (AMEn) of individual ingredients and diets used in the poultry feed industry was evaluated. The AMEn values of three energy ingredients (maize, sorghum and defatted maize germ meal), four protein ingredients (soybean meal, maize gluten meal 60% crude protein,(More)
The use of a suitable methodology to quantify the phytate phosphorus (Pphy) content in both the feed and the excreta from broilers is required to enable accurate calculation of the catalytic efficiency of the phytase supplemented in the feed. This study was conducted to compare 2 analytical methodologies (colorimetry and also high-performance liquid(More)
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