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BACKGROUND Aging involves multiple biologically complex processes characterized by a decline in cellular homeostasis over time leading to a loss and impairment of physiological integrity and function. Specific cellular hallmarks of aging include abnormal gene expression patterns, shortened telomeres and associated biological dysfunction. Like all organs,(More)
We describe a patient who underwent electrophysiologic study for evaluation of recurrent syncope. No abnormalities were found but high-grade A-V block proximal to the His bundle depolarization developed abruptly as the coronary sinus electrode catheter was being withdrawn. The A-V block disappeared gradually over a 12-hour period, progressing to type I(More)
In 2001, Rivers and colleagues published a randomized controlled trial of early goal-directed therapy (EGDT) for the treatment of sepsis. More than a decade later, it remains a landmark achievement. The study proved the benefits of early aggressive treatment of sepsis. However, many questions remain about specific aspects of the complex EGDT algorithm.(More)
Kawasaki disease is an acute, self-limited, febrile vasculitis typically seen in early childhood. Pulmonary involvement is uncommon and is not part of the conventional diagnostic criteria. We add to the literature a unique case of a 22year-old male with Kawasaki disease and pulmonary involvement. It illustrates the importance of recognizing unusual(More)
P wave triggered pacemakers can produce complicated arrhythmias during normal function. A ventricular, R wave inhibited pacemaker and an atrial sensing pacemaker were both present and functioning normally in the patient reported here. A premature paced beat was observed every 12th beat which resulted from discharge of the atrial sensing pacemaker. This(More)
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