Lindsay Jamieson

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Brown adipose tissue was clearly present in neonatal dogs. In the adult the tissue was superseded by a tissue with the gross characteristics of white adipose. However despite their appearance adult adipose tissue depots may contribute to non-shivering thermogenesis. Regional blood flow measurements using injected radioactive microspheres indicated large(More)
Feedback control of oxygen uptake during treadmill exercise. Abstract—Regulation of exercise intensity is important for aer-obic training and for exercise testing. Automatic control of oxygen uptake therefore has potential for use in exercise prescription and in tests to establish markers of cardiopulmonary status. The aim of this study was to investigate(More)
Metabolic rate and tissue blood flow were measured by indirect calorimetry and the radioactive microsphere technique, respectively, in anaesthetized pigs aged 10, 17, and 28 days during infusions of saline or noradrenaline. Noradrenaline produced a rise in oxygen consumption in all pigs but the magnitude of the response declined with age in Large White pigs(More)
A model has been developed for the screening of antiinflammatory ophthalmic drugs in rabbits. This simple and rapid method is reproducible and uses fewer animals than do some other methods. Rabbits are sensitized to bovine serum proteins, then challenged intravitreally to induce a uveitis. The basis of the inflammatory response is shown to be due primarily(More)
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