Lindsay H. Hoffman

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The role that emotions play in shaping mass political behavior is increasingly well researched. This study refocuses the debate to explore the effect that the emotions expressed by candidates (target affect) through new media have on participation, rather than the effect of emotions felt by voters (observer affect). A unique experiment embedded in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To seek possible relationships between psychological factors and survival after an intensive medical therapy, using bone marrow transplantation as a model. METHOD Candidates for bone marrow transplantation underwent two to three psychodynamically-oriented psychiatric interviews that explored family functioning ("F"), individual psychological(More)
Complications of bone marrow transplantation can compromise its effectiveness, and often it is not possible to predict who is at greatest risk. In a previous study we reported that certain psychological factors correlated with a high incidence of post-transplant mortality, and here we analyze the associated complications and causes of death. Prior to(More)
Since the infancy of the Internet, scholars have posited that the medium would mobilize and engage citizens, yet the reality has proven it to be more nuanced and complex. This project examines citizens’ motivations to engage in politics online, assessing how people are driven by both a desire to influence government as well as to communicate political ideas(More)
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