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System Justification and the Meaning of Life: Are the Existential Benefits of Ideology Distributed Unequally Across Racial Groups?
In this research, we investigated the relations among system justification, religiosity, and subjective well-being in a sample of nationally representative low-income respondents in the UnitedExpand
Is His Heroism Hailed and Hers Hidden? Women, Men, and The Social Construction of Heroism
Two studies examined how the social construction of heroism affects the representation of women and men as heroes. In the first study, community participants defined heroism or identified heroes.Expand
Justice and cooperation
This study expands upon previous findings that justice plays an important role in shaping cooperation with the group. The authors argue that specific aspects of procedural justice can act differentlyExpand
The Mystique of Instrumentalism
Legal Socialization and Delinquency